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In today world water conservation is an essential part of life. For a farmer a proper utilization of water is…

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At GICA we provide service on landscape development for customer who wantstheir garden,lawn, terrace, etc. Look’s good and at the…

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Having a horticulture farm and forestry farm is a best source of income. But to maintain it is tough part.…

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Mata Rani Biotechnology Pvt ltd promises to deliver quality, innovative products, equipment, and services in an Innovative and affordable packages direct to our farmers and customers. Our product and service include horticulture plants, Farm Forestry Plants, ornamental plants, organic Agri Inputs, Vermibed, Health supplement, Farm development, Agriculture Consultancy, Landscaping and much more. GICA Helping farming families increase production in a sustainable way, and sell more crops, is the most effective way. Newly started Mata Rani Biotechnology private limited has served the green industry in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand,…

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